Name: Kristina Nicole Shiflett, but I go by Niki! 

Training: Von Lee International School of Esthetics, 2000

Practice Philosophy: my bio is on the home page :) 

Why I do what I do: When I was 16, my first job was as a shampoo tech. I always knew I wanted to be in the beauty industry, and I thought I wanted to do hair because I had no idea what an "Esthetician" was. My second job as a shampoo tech introduced me to the world of skincare. The owner was a fabulous Esthetician and she took me under her wing and taught me so much more than what I would learn in Esthetics school a few years later. I worked in the treatment room for about 6 years before I decided to venture out and try teaching the trade at the local trade school. I instantly fell in love with it... I could teach lectures on the physiology and histology of the skin all day long! But after 7 years of that, I decided that I really missed being behind the chair with my clients. All those years of teaching the textbooks really made me confident in my knowledge! I went to work for a very large day spa for the next 3 years... loved every minute of it, then decided one day that although my job was great, I was still doing things someone else's way. So, here I am... starting a new chapter, on my own... striving to give my clients the best waxing they've ever had, or the most incredible facial that delivers real results. It's that simple.