Services And Rates

Waxing Services  performed with Berodin wax products. Hard wax and Soft wax available
Eyebrows                   $20
Lip                               $15
Chin                            $18
Double wax               $33
Triple wax                 $49
Full Face                    $58
** Add a 15 minute Glow Booster Treatment facial to any waxing service for $38! **
perfect for anyone on-the-go, this 15 minute treatment will exfoliate and hydrate to give you a gorgeous glow!
Brazilian                    $72-80 (FOR LADIES ONLY)
*extra charge may apply when the entire service is performed with hard wax
Extended Bikini        $49
Bikini                         $38
Legs                            $46 (lower) / $60 (upper) / $85 (full)
Underarms                $24
Arms                           $38
Back                            $70
Chest                          $65
Facial Services   performed with Rhonda Allison Clinical Skincare products. Some Image treatments are available also. 
Elite Maintenance Facials: $115
includes cleansing, exfoliation, extraction, nourishing mask, attention to the eyes and lips, neck, shoulder, face, hand and arm massage.
Elite Corrective Facials:  $150 the most effective facials for correcting signs of aging, pigmentation, uneven texture, or any other skin concern you may have. 
The specific protocol best suited for your skin will be determined at time of appointment.
Elite Minus 10 Facial                  
This incredible treatment involves numerous cocktails for exfoliation, nourishment and antioxidant protection. Fantastic for all skin types. 
Ultra Brightening Facial           
Will lighten pigmentation and leave your skin with a luminous glow 
4Layer oxygenating facial         An exquisite combination of 4 layer enzyme exfoliation with an oxygenating bubble mask is a great all around treatment to refresh any skin type and condition.  
Elite Seasonal Facials:  $130 excellent for anyone just noticing the signs of aging. These treatments are focused on infusing the skin with rich antioxidants and optimizing the integrity and health of the skin. 
Seasonal Glow Facial                  
These treatments include seasonal ingredients to awaken the senses and give your skin the nutrients it needs to keep you glowing while embracing the season
Customized Preventative Facial  
Antioxidant rich and strengthening, this one is customized with the best suited products for your skin
Express treatments: all treatment, no fluff
Gentlemen's Facial (45 minutes)                    $100
deep cleansing, double exfoliation, nourishment and mask with neck and shoulder massage will optimize skin health & strength. 
15 minute Glow Booster treatmentTM  (15 minutes)        $38  
a perfect addition for anyone who wants great skin, but is short on time. Treat yourself without breaking your budget. Professional results in just 15 minutes. Clinical exfoliation and intense nourishment. Excellent addition to any waxing service, or perfect before a night out! The ELITE signature treatment! 
Teen Facial (Deep cleanse)(30 minutes)     $75
great for teens. deep cleansing, exfoliation, extraction & mask
Express Facial (30 minutes)                            $75
tailored to your skin; cleanses, exfoliates, protects and nourishes
Vitamin A peptide peel                                        $225
*Intensive treatment that will cause skin peeling. Includes homecare and follow up treatment
Lash & Brow Tinting                                  $25 brow / $35 lash / $50 both